4 Things I Discovered on 
My Journey to Losing 60 Pounds

  • ​What weight loss strategy worked for me in my 20's that stopped working for me in my 30's
  • ​What other weight loss strategies I tried in my 30's that didn't work
  • ​What I spent thousands of dollars on in an attempt to lose weight 
  • ​Why eating real food was the best choice for me

I help busy, professional women who are obese or overweight to lose weight by eating real food 

My Story...Sound Familiar?

After being pregnant and having two children in my 30's, I became obese...

I wanted to lose the weight...

I was successful at losing weight in my 20's...

So, why wasn't I losing it now?

I had hired high-end experts in the fitness and nutrition industry to help me,  so why was I not seeing results on the scale?

I was frustrated and confused...

Maybe you feel similar?

Finally, I Lost the Weight...

At age 38, I set a goal to lose 50 lbs in 18 months

I tracked my weight and what I ate.

I ate real food and I went for walks.

I analyzed what was working and what wasn't working for me, and kept making small changes.

And guess what? I lost 50 pounds.

AND after that, I went on to lose 10 more pounds and was finally at a healthy BMI for my height! 

Then, I joined the gym and started lifting weights.

Learning all of this has been amazing! 

It really changed my life, so I've transitioned my career to help other women to do the same! 

I lost 60 pounds by eating REAL FOOD

No Shakes. No Counting Calories. No Extreme Exercise.

Happy "Before" the Weight Loss...

BUT, I was obese

AND nothing seemed to be working to the lose the weight I had gained from my pregnancies in my 30's

Happy "After" the Weight Loss...

AND, finally at a healthy BMI by age 41

I HAD FINALLY found a solution to lose the weight (and in a healthy way) by eating REAL FOOD!

Here’s how it works

My Proven Strategy

I take all the guesswork out of weight loss and I turned it into a framework. I kept eating the foods that I enjoyed and started making wiser decisions as I continued to learned what worked and what didn't in terms of weight loss.

Mindset Shift

I worked on my mindset and shifted how I was thinking about myself, about my life, and what I wanted my future to look like. This helped me immensely on achieving my weight loss goal! I will help you to do the same.

Personal Mentorship

I think it's way more fun to learn directly from someone who has achieved the result you want, right? So in my program, I host LIVE Q & A sessions so you can work with me directly. Share your struggles, share your challenges, I and I can help you through them! 
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