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Hi There! I'm Erin Cooney.

After having my second child, I was obese for four years and I just couldn't seem to lose the weight.

After four years, I was feeling kinda hopeless.

I had hired a Personal Trainer for 12 months - and I worked out with him 3 times a week

Then I hired a Dietician for 12 months - and worked with her for 12 months.

In some ways I felt better, but I just wasn't seeing the weight loss results that I wanted (I lost 15 pounds and gained it back!)

So, I started doing my own research and I started trying new things -  knowing that I wanted a lifestyle change and not a diet. 

And that's when I discovered what worked  - and I lost 60+ pounds! 

By going through this journey, I also discovered that I had created an effective process to eat healthier, feel better and lose weight - and one that could work for other women, too! 

So that's when I wrote it all down and created a program!

So, in my 12-Week Group Program, I teach: 

1.  Frameworks for eating your meals and snacks (NO calorie counting, NO carb tracking, and NO eating foods that you don't like!) 

2. A method for eating healthier and feeling better (while still keeping treats in your life ;)

3. Practical ways to reduce your daily stressors (so you start feeling better and better EVERY DAY!)

I learned a lot more on this journey, which I am so grateful for and I'm excited to share with you! © 2022  | Privacy Policy
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