After having my second child at age 34, I was obese for four years. And here is a list of some of the things I tried to lose weight...

I worked out with a personal trainer three times a week for a year.

I hired a dietician to tell me what to eat for a year.

I gave up fried foods.

I stopped drinking alcohol.

I stopped eating icecream.

I stopped eating birthday cake.

And despite ALL of this - I was still obese!

I have a feeling that you have a similar story.

I see so many women just like me trying so many things (just like I did) and seeing no results. 

And these are amazing, talented, and successful women!

They have invested both time and money into their health. 

They have tried many things and have followed EXPERT advice.

And they ARE NOT seeing results.

So, they keep going, but they kinda feel hopeless and defeated.

Yes, I've been there!

I love helping smart and successful women to finally feel better and see the results they desire.

First of all, I help women to feel better because no one really wants to just lose weight. They want to feel better and look and be a healthier person as well. 

And through my weekly coaching + frameworks, personal experience and education - my clients grow in confidence, success, and finally see results!

I lost my first 6-12 pounds in 12 weeks  - and then went on to lose 60+ pounds with this method.

And yes, I did it without counting calories, without dieting, and without extreme exercise.

I did it by focusing on the few major things that make the BIGGEST different when it comes to weight loss and feeling better.

My plan was not based on cutting calories or tracking carbs. 

It was a lifestyle shift.

And I share how I did it inside my program!

I have helped other women now to achieve results, and I can help you too!

Motivated women who are creating a healthier lifestyle for themselves...

"I am no longer hungry all the time.

and I've lost 6 pounds!"

- Naomi

"I am down 12 pounds from when I started.

I am seeing progress and I am feeling better. 
I am not craving as much of the same things I used to.

- Jenny
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